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Welcome to the Official
Guys Suck Web Site©
We hope you enjoy your stay!

"Men always want to be a woman's first love; women have a more subtle instinct
they want to be a man's last romance."


      This page is dedicated to ALL those women who have been lied to, cheated on, and manipulated by those people we call Men.. Yes, we know that encompasses about 98% of the female population..

     Has YOUR man ever said to you: "Yes, I'll call" or "I know baby, but" or maybe he says this, "It's not you honey, it's me" Well, if he has then this site is for YOU!! We developed this site, in order to give you something to 1) laugh about; 2) think about; and possibly 3) LEARN.. While the tone of this page is humorous, give it a shot.. maybe it'll work.. You never know till you try!!

      This page is intended for use.. Not just by it's writers, but by the women out there!! We want you to send us your experiences, gripes, or whatever you want and let someone know just how YOU feel!! And we will stick it up on this page and tell the world!!! Oh and Uh.. Men, we have something just for you too!!

Stuff you can find on this site..

      Right now we've got tons of jokes, advice to men from women, advice to women from men, but you name it we're gonna put it!! If we don't have it & you want it, drop me a note, or send in the feedback form and we'll get it on here!!

     The great majority of this site is compiled of things that have been collected over the years.. I am NOT claiming authorship, or copyrights of what you find here.. The copyrights, etc belong to who is given credit.. If you see something that you know who the author is, but there is no credit given send me a note, and I'll add the authors name.. Or if you see something you think I should take off completely, tell me!!

Relationships & Men:
She drives for a relationship -- He's lost in the transmission
written by: Dave Barry ©
Go Here..

     This cute little masterpiece from the book, "Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys" ©1995 by Dave Barry is an explanation (a very good one too) of how most men view relationships.. Or rather, how they don't.. and Women, guess what?!? It was written by a MAN!!! So maybe this will give you a little insight as to what is going on inside that "pea-brain" of his..

Male Answer Syndrome
Why Men Know all Answers
Go Here..

Have you ever wondered exactly why it is that for every question, a man ALWAYS has the answer?? This piece of art will give you some insight as to why this phenomenon occurs..

The Rules
Go Here..

     We've all heard 'em.. Some of us even know 'em by heart.. These are THE RULES.. What women live for, what men dread.. But they know it's true.. they just don't want to admit it..

From A Woman's Viewpoint:
Advice from women to men
Go Here..

     Advice from a woman to men on what really annoys women.. While this is a bit humorous, it should be taken seriously..

     Got something you'd like to add to this?? Be sure to fill out our Feed Back Form!! Just select the subject and send it in!! We'll add your annoyances to this site!!


     I don't know about you, but I love to laugh.. and funny (yet true) stuff about men always makes me laugh.. I've attempted to add quite a bit of "Men Jokes" and the good majority of them are funny.. Although these ARE intended for Mature readers only..

The Paradox of Men

This adorable little number explains it all!! The confusing aspects of men.. Too bad it doesn't give us some answers!!

  If Men could get Pregnant

what would life be like if Men were the bearers of children? This humorous little spiff gives you a hint.

  50 Facts About Men

50 interesting & true facts about [most] Men that women should know..

  The Top 10 Reasons Why..

We've all seen these.. Well I'm including the Top 10 Reasons why... Men Hate to Say "I Love You", Computers must be Men, Men & Dogs are Alike, and MORE!!

Men vs Women:
A Poem
Go Here..

     A truly entertaining poetic battle of the oposite sexes, A poem from the mens point of view & the women's rebuttal..

The Lucky Charms Test
Go Here..

     Want to see what your bedside manner is based on your favorite magically delicious marshmellow charm? How much can what we eat tell about us? Which is YOUR Favorite??

No, we did not design this site to be anti-male, male bashers, and we are not lesbians.. This site is intended to be humorous, entertaining and who knows? Maybe even helpful..
The Official Guys Suck Web site ©1997
Purple & Pink, Inc.